We are Committed to Quality Life for all!

Our Priorities :
Spiritual, Yoga & Meditation.
Promotion of Indian Arts, Culture & Heritage.
Community Development.
Literacy & Health Care.
Environment & Ecology.
Child & Women Development.
Animal Care.

We are also making an effort to retain our Arts. Culture & Heritage. We are educating the significance of each and every Rituals & Ceremonies taking place during an Indian Wedding to the masses. Also to promote India as an Wedding Destination Globally.

Harjai's Education and Welfare Society : (HEWS)
We at Harjai's Education and Welfare Society are Committed to Quality of Life of the People who live around us. We hold workshops, seminars on Community Development, Literacy & Healthcare, Spirituality, Arts & Culture, Environment & Ecology and Animal Care Services,Team Building activities for the masses regularly.

We at the HEWS Provide Social Services to the Community, by conducting Hobby Classes, Yoga & Meditation Camps and EDP's from Time to Time.

We also provide scholarships for further studies/research in Hospitality& Recreation Sector.

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