Wedding is a fusion of Traditions, Emotions, Enthusiasm of relations sanctity and Celebrations associated with Marriage. It is the beginning of an eternal love affair & it is the most important event in one's life apart from Birth and Children!

Weddings & Parties have always been an important part of the Indian way of life. Symbolizing the auspicious merging of two Destinies, in a way it is Grand celebration of life itself. In our culture, a Wedding has always been an occasion for some mega celebrations.

But the last few years has have seen it growing exponentially in its sheer scope and extent. The reasons are not far to seek. Fuelled by a formidable spending power and exposure to International lifestyle trends, Indians are getting more and more imaginative when it comes to organizing a Wedding & Party.

No more it is a household affair, managed by the Elders, from Wedding Planners to Wedding Stylists, it has traveled a full circle. As an industry, it is one of the fastest growing and is worth a staggering Rs.50,000 Crores and still growing.


As people spend lots of money on Weddings & Parties, but they involve their selves in each and every affair in such a way that at the end of the day they feel that they have not seen the wedding of their only Son/Daughter or they have not been able to enjoy the functions. That is why, a Wedding Planner-Co-ordinator is required to make you, your family & friends comfortable on the day of the Wedding, Party or Event.

We at Indian Wedding Planners are here to take care of everything right from Invitation Cards to Honeymoon Destinations, Theme based Weddings, Musical Extravaganzas and formal Parties and we Organize it all. We make you comfortable to enjoy each and every function along with your family, friends and relatives.

A team of our experienced Professionals from different fields visit your place when most of the family members to know their priorities. You have to tell us that :
What is the Occasion? i.e. a Wedding, Theme Party, Anniversary, Birth Day, Jubilee Parties.

How many functions are there and when? i.e. Announcement Party,Engagement, Rokka, Godh, Tikka, Ring Ceremony, Mehandi, Sangeet, Cocktail, Bachelors Party, Wedding, Reception, Birth Day, Anniversary, Jubilee Party etc and their tentative dates for the same. Is there any Theme or Dress Code of each Function.

How many Guests will be there in each and every function? Proposed Guests List.

Where you want to Organize these functions? as lots of people are opting for Destination Weddings or Parties. Do you want to explore International Destination Weddings, which are exclusive different and have unique experience i.e. Royal, Beach, Adventure, Taj View, Religious, Romantic & Himalayan Weddings.

What is the Budget? i.e. Total Budget of the Wedding, Party or Events also preferences if any of itemized budget.

Requirements of each and every member of the family. i.e. Priorities if any of all the family members.

After that we plan it out and spread whole of the budget; looking in to the family requirements; on the following elements: (for Details visit

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